Salt Free Scaleless Conditioner with 4.5"x 20" Pre Carbon Filter. Compare to Pelican.

Salt Free Scaleless Conditioner with 4.5"x 20" Pre Carbon Filter. Compare to Pelican.

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Salt-Free Water Conditioning May Be the Answer

Hard water is found throughout the world, and in about 85 percent of the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. But despite the need for water softening where hard water is prevalent, conventional ion exchange water softeners are not always the right answer.

For example, multiple cities in California, Nevada and New Mexico have now banned self-regenerating water softeners and increasingly stringent water discharge requirements have caused many to search for no-sodium alternative.  Also, those on municipal water supplies must pay water and sewer charges based on water used by Ion exchange softeners.

Our Scaless Systems features Filtersorb SP filter media to first remove the already existing scale from pipes and heat exchanger surfaces (descaling effect) and further to protect the system from future formation of scale (scale protection effect).

Filtersorb SP is based on a completely new technology. In
this process the chemical structure of scale forming minerals
is changed. This technology is so effective that it requires a
contact time of only seconds.

The media is used in an up flow system, therefore only an in-out
head is needed. The media transforms the dissolved calcium carbonate (temporary hardness) into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds.
These bonds are completely stable and cannot attach to
any surfaces. The chemical bonds are rinsed away by the
water flow. 
Tests with commercial coffee machines showed that those with
FilterSorb-SP Hardness Stabilizer protection were much cleaner
after a short time of use than the control systems which were
cleaned monthly.

Included in 9" system - Filtersorb SP Filter Media, Enpress Mineral tank featuring the Vortech bottom distribution plate,    
“C-Series” in/out head, “C-Series” Bypass,  1" NPT PVC -plumbing adapters, 4.5" x 20" “Big Blue” housing with GAC pre-filter with mounting bracket.