Retention Tank 120 Gal. Comparable, Fiberglass Wound, Blow Off Valve, Chem.Feed

Retention Tank 120 Gal. Comparable, Fiberglass Wound, Blow Off Valve, Chem.Feed

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APW 120 gallon Comparable Retention Tank

A unique system with 2 built in mixing chambers and a swirl chamber that reduce a drop of water to hundreds of micro bubbles allowing the chemical to mix and react 5 times faster than a standard retention tank. This concept allows for the overall size of the tank system to be reduced substantially. Allowing retention tanks to be used in spaces inaccessible for a standard 120 gallon tank.

In  a Product Testing Laboratory study performed by the WQA Water Quality Association, the 12" system outperforms a 120 gallon standard retention tank. 

This tank ships UPS instead of Freight like a standard 120 gal retention tank, Saving MONEY!

Actual dimensions: 12" X 54" 

Blow off Valve: 3/4"

Inlet/outlet :  1" 

Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi

Seamless inner shell molded of FDA and/or NSF grade polyethylene provides impact and corrosion resistance.

Other Sizes Available!  Please Give Us a Call!

IMPORTANT - Polyglass tanks are designed to withstand pressure but they will collapse if subjected to a vacuum. A vacuum breaker is always recommended to be installed to prevent tank damage.


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